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Tigers are one of the most iconic creatures on the planet. They are the largest cat species alive in the world till date. This untamed Hunter weighs around 670lb (306 kg) and has a total body length of 11 feet (3.3 m). In the past century, the Tigers were cornered to leave their area of habitat, and more than 93 percent of their species were destroyed. At the beginning of the 20th century, the global population in the wild was around 100,000. After a gradual decline in the population due to destruction and fragmentation of their habitat, now it’s estimated to be between 3,062 and 3,948 people.

Listed below are ten interesting and unusual facts about the tiger (belonging to the Panthera household ):

  1. Tigers’ pee smells like popcorn

Tigers’ are territorial creatures leading a solitary life. A tigress has a land of 20 kilometers (7.7 sq.. Miles), while the man covers approximately 60 to 100 kilometers (23 to 39 sq.. Miles). To mark their territories beginning and end, the adults scratch a tree and spray their urine which smells like buttered popcorn! From this scent, a tiger can determine the urine’s owner.

  1. Tigers can’t purr

Tigers, essentially belong from the cat family. But, do they purr?? No, they don’t. They do so only when they feel safe and comfortable as losing vision lowers tigers defenses.

  1. Tigers can imitate other animals to attract their prey

Bears and tigers typically cross paths with each other as their habitats overlap. To lure a bear, tigers mimic the sound of a bears’ prey. As the bear approaches believing it has found a meal for itself, the tiger attacks. (that’s scary!)

  1. All Tigers have yellow eyes, except the white ones, have blue eyes

The gene for blue eyes and white fur is connected together, so white tigers will probably have blue eyes compared to yellow. Anyway, the gene of blue eyes and cross-eyes are connected, so white tigers have cross blue-eyes.


Tigers’ penis is unable to become erect when aroused! As Male penises’ have a baculum (a bone located inside) covered with barbs. The prickly bone, aid in”maintaining the relationship” between male and female during copulation.


Tigers use their 10 cm long teeth to crush a victims’ throat! A single attack is enough to cause severe damage. Tigers front paw is strong enough to–either smash a Bears’ skull breaks its back. (lovely!)

  1. Tiger comes in variety of colors

Due to the difference in genes of hair colour of a tiger, its color can change from its usual black and orange coloration. A tigers coat may be white, gold, black and even blue. The blue tigers are known as Maltese tigers, but there is no evidence that a tiger with such a unique coloration even existed!


Tigers have a short term memory of about 30 times more than humans. That means they can remember a thing for a longer time and don’t forget as quickly as we do. (Isn’t that great?)


The forehead of a tiger consists group of stripes that bears a striking similarity to the Chinese character meaning”king.” It gave the tiger a cultural status as a royal animal-move over lions!

  1. Tiger mate with lions and other cats to produce hybrids

According to genetic research, male lions have the ability to make massive off-springs whereas female lions create smaller offspring. When a male lion has a sexual encounter with a female tiger, the outcome is a huge liger! A liger can weigh up to 1000 pounds and reach a length of 11.5ft! A female lion and a male tiger will produce a smaller Tigon, and they weigh around 180 kg (400 pounds ).

Grand Canyon, Arizona, Landscape

Almost anyone who hasn’t been to the Grand Canyon, wishes they could do this. It’s the most spectacular view, and standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon that you feel as if you’re facing the tremendous power of natural forces and time. Why is it so impressive? It consists of a huge gash across the desert, nearly 300 mph, over a mile deep along much of its length, and up to 18 miles wide. Was it really made by the Colorado River?

The rocks near the base of the canyon are almost two billion years old, while those at the top were formed about 200 million years ago. Forming these deposits took about half the age of the planet.

However, although the deposits took such a long time to form, it didn’t take nearly that long to make the canyon. The Rocky Mountains on the east of the plateau were also shaped by exactly the same collision.

About 5 million years back, an opening was formed from the plateau into the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the altitude change from the higher reaches of the plateau to the sea, the water flowed rapidly, carrying away sand and rock. Then, during the ice ages, the water flow increased and the river cut into the rock.

The debris of the water running down, during a period of a heavy flow, cuts in the sides of the canyon, making it wider, and into the river bed, which makes it deeper. Additionally, if plants are known to stabilize the soil and rock, the desert has very few of them. The lack of a complete vegetation also favors the rapidity of erosion on the plateau. So how long did it take for the Grand Canyon to form? On the scale of geological change, only about the blink of an eye.

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Japanese artists and Chinese have repeatedly found inspiration in the analysis of the bamboo plant. Hiroshigi, among the greatest of the landscape artists of Japan, founder of a number of the best-known wood-block prints, has immortalized it in his picture of bamboos in a typhoon. Coolies running down the green hillside; chair-bearers bowing before the end; long lines of gray rain and the slender dark wind-tossed stems lightly dancing before the gale! He who would see these graceful grasses at their best must pay a visit to a mountain grove on a windy spring morning. They whirl and influence like dancers that have abandoned themselves to a frenzied rhythm. Light flashes from each smooth leaf as from a mirror before the hill seems covered with a twinkling sheen of silver.

On such times they possess the charm of”beauty half-revealed.” One instant they are concealed in veils of mist, the next they stand out clearly in the rain-washed mountain air as the last shreds of fog slide away through their branches. Every smooth stem shines as if polished; every leaf is tipped with a globule of water before a passing breeze sends a miniature shower in all directions.

The most amazing thing about bamboo is its way of growth. Its sprouts outdo the proverbial mushroom in the manner in which they appear overnight and then continue to scale upward without regard for speed limits. The new spikes push their way through the clods and appear among the older culms like heaps of bayonets, well covered with dark-brown mottled sheaths. No joints are visible initially; nothing but bristling points, competitive and ready to race with all competitors for a spot in sunlight. Nodes soon appear and as the stems lengthen the downy sheaths drop off, leaving the green culms covered with white blossom like the blossom of a peach.

Being curious to know precisely how fast the shoots really grew, I made myself referee when the spikes seemed. Each day I measured certain ones to find out what progress had been made in twenty-four hours. The favorite stood near the garden wall. When first measured it had been eleven inches high. Forty-eight hours after it touched the stick at the twenty-seven inch mark. When nine days old it attained a height of seven feet, its average growth per day for six days being over nine inches. At this time it had been at its ugly duckling stage, for the pointed sheaths reminded among the pinfeathers of young birds. The green leaves shortly burst out, however, and the plant became a soft plume.

Duck, Mama, Chicks, Sweet, Cute, Bill

We all are familiar with ducks. They should not be confused with the large birds like the swans and geese. Ducks are small aquatic birds inhabiting both fresh and sea waters. Ducks are sometimes confused with grebes and coots. Baby ducks are called as ducklings but in food trade the adult ducks that are prepared to undergo roasting are called as ducklings.
Body of a duck is broad and elongated with long and flexible neck like that of birds. The body shape of the diving ducks is somewhat curved in shape. Bill or beak is somewhat broad and covered with serrated lamellae adapted for filter feeding. The bill is long and strongly serrated from the fishing species. Legs are supplied with scales and are placed somewhat on the back side of the body. Wings are strong, short and pointed and the flight in ducks is made up of fast continuous strokes that require rapid movement of the flight muscles. Three species of the streamer ducks are completely flightless. Many species remain temporarily flightless during moulting and in this period they require good food supply and protective areas to hide.
Paradise Shelduck of New Zealand shows well developed sexual dimorphism where the plumage of female is very much bright compared to that of male. Plumage of ducklings generally resembles with that of the female. Ducks prefer to feed on a wide array of food sources like grasses, insects, fish, aquatic plants, small amphibians, worms and other molluscs. Diving ducks and the sea ducks forage underwater. Body of diving ducks is somewhat heavier than the dabbling ducks so they are unable to fly. Dabbling ducks feed on the materials present on the surface of water of they catch food on land. In the edge of the beak there’s a comb-like structure known as pecten. It behaves like strainer and assists in food capture. Pecten is also used in preening.
Some species like smew and the goosanders have the ability to catch and swallow huge fishes. Other species have flat beaks for pulling up waterweed, yanking sand and smaller molluscs, insects and other worms. Ducks are monogamous and this bond continues for one year only. Larger and more sedentary species have long lasting pair bonds. Most species have a tendency to breed once in year under favourable conditions. The sound produced by ducks is called quacking and it’s known that the females of most dabbling species quack. Diving ducks scaup. Ducks have a wide assortment of calls like whistle cooing, yodels and grunt. Calls may be loud or quite contact calls.
They are cosmopolitan in distribution occurring in all parts of the world except Antarctica. Some species are found to inhabit sub-Antarctic islands such as South Georgia and Auckland Islands. Few species are also noticed to occupy the oceanic islands while few are threatened or have become extinct. Some species are migratory particularly those belonging to the Arctic Northern Hemisphere. Tropical species do not migrate in any way. Australian duck species form loose spots during the rainy season. Many animals predate upon ducks. The ducklings are very vulnerable to be attacked by predators. Foxes, eagles, crocodiles are common enemies of ducks. Although the adult ducks are strong fliers but can be captured by their enemies on the surface of water and on land. Ducks share lots of economic uses.
They’re farmed for meat, eggs and feathers. They are kept and bred by the aviculturists and are also displayed in zoos. Wild ducks are also consumed as food in many parts of world. Ducks are also a component of fiction like the Donald Duck which is a famous cartoon character and appeared in Walt Disney for the first time in 1934.
Ducks are cute animals making our environment beautiful.
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Within the context of this content, we would love to reveal that there’s a enormous difference between French Press brewed coffee which brewed with electric coffee makers.
So which of the 2 techniques and application produces the better cup of coffee? Let us explore the answers below.
According to using French Press and electrical coffee maker, we can conclude on the following pointers:
Contingent on how”hot” a volume of coffee made can be, a plunger press made coffee produces much hotter volume than when compared with electric ones. The cause of this is due to the point that water used in French Press requires initial boiling first.
Considering the”body” of coffee, it’s extremely clear to the eyes that the one brewed with French Press Coffee Maker is much more’bodied’ and richer than the one made with an electric coffee maker. It is uncontestable as the difference is really huge.
Now contemplating”taste”, we agree that the manual press produces much more flavorful & colorful cup of rich coffee. You will experience stronger flavor with plunger press than you will with electrical ones. Coffee brewed with an electric machine will leave you with a diluted taste. We may say this is so due to the paper filter used within the electric one that absorbs a part of the coffee taste.
The French Press provides a stronger coffee – using the basic equipment. For this reason – the French Press Coffee Collection has become the mainstay for many houses, kitchens, & resort outlets.
The coffee press is a very simple design that’s really trendy, highly effective, portable equipment which can be taken wherever you wish to go, in your kitchen, space, outside and for camping.
The process: Using its cylindrical carafe, simply fill it up with a suitable volume of ground coffee, add some fairly pre-boiled hot water, do some stirring, place its lid right at the top and allow it to brew for around 3 minutes 30 minutes. At this stage, go on to push the plunger filter in a downward direction at a slow pace as this forces the coffee grounds to go to the bottom whilst the refreshingly brewed coffee sits in the top.
So in overall, the decision is the consumer’s option to make. With the majority of coffee lovers, most goes for the French Press – because the actual pleasure in drinking coffee lies in being able to relish every moment of its richly-made taste and content.

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You might be amazed at how many options are available for door handles nowadays. In addition to that, you may be amazed at how seriously people take it when they decide to replace their door knobs for any reason. No matter what the reasons are for choosing new door knobs for your house, it’s wonderful to know that there’s so much variety available out there now. It is wonderful to know there are many options available to reflect your personal taste. Just look at all the possibilities!
Round, Rectangular, or alternative: You’re no longer confined to traditional round door knobs – oh no! Now, you can shop a wide choice of designer handles. Nowadays, you can choose long, slender rectangular door pulls or you could pick those broad, broad industrial looking door pulls or, yes, you may even still pick a conventional round door knob if you so desire however, put it in the center of your door hobbit-style. You can even select curved, rather elegant gate pulls for your doorways.
If different shapes to pick from is not sufficient to show your true taste, you also have a selection of materials for your door handles – designer handles can be found in stainless steel and bronze! If you would like something more rustic and subtle, you may opt for bronze pull handles on your doors. If, on the other hand, you’d rather have your home really stick out in the crowd, you might prefer stainless steel door handles which glow brightly and glisten in the sun. Again, it’s all up to you!
And, as if all of these options aren’t enough, the two bronze handles and stainless steel door handles are offered in a number of finishes for you to choose from. Both varieties are available in matte or gloss finishes. Stainless steel can be completed in a range of colors – white, black, gunmetal gray, and more. Bronze can be completed with varying levels of this golden coppery colour that bronze is known for. Again, the choice is yours and, you may be pleasantly surprised by the variety of designer handles you’ve got to choose from when you look.
Since bronze and stainless steel are both alloys, they are incredibly strong – that means that they are tough to dent, ding, or scrape, regardless of what you do to them. It also suggests that a soft dry cloth is the only equipment necessary to keep your designer handles well polished and glistening.
Shower, Tub, Bathroom, Ceramic Tile
For any toilet, there are a couple of primary conditions. One such condition is the availability of the shower. It is a frequent occurrence that while the shower is used the water is spread to all the nearby walls and hence to get a premium bathroom it’s much necessary to have quality shower tiles which can be readily cleaned. There are various types of tiles that can help the user have a magical bathroom with tiles that are clean and neat even after use. The subway tile is the best option for the users who need such clean shower area in addition to the bathroom.
For the shower tiles, there are enormous verities available on the market which can be of immense help for the users. The glossy gray tiles with the size of 3×6 may be used with the pattern of cross hatch which not only looks attractive but also offers a new look to the shower area. These tiles are stylish and elegant in addition to long-lasting, and hence one doesn’t have to spend much time behind maintenance too. They are the appropriate tiles which can help the users get the unique look of the area.
Gray Glossy Subway tile: This is the tile with latest designs which could help one offer the contemporary appearance to the concerned area whether it is used indoor or outside. To make a small area appear big, this tile can be an ideal option.
Arabescato Carrara Subway tile: This tile can be found in the size of 4×12 that’s not that ordinary one. For the bathroom also it is a choice that may help one enjoy the usage. It’s maintenance free and long lasting which may be relied upon.
Elongated subway tile: individuals who have bathrooms that can be used for daytime and doesn’t get enough light at evening or night, this tile may be a perfect option. One can find it in huge varieties so far as the colour and pattern, in addition to texture, is worried.
White Subway Tile: it’s a tile available with the size of 4 x 16. The perfect setting of the same can make the bathroom look elegant.
If you will need any tips to your new washroom take guidance from experts.
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As the time changes, new and advanced trends come into the framework. The taste of food and clothing changes too as people try new things that come in the marketplace. Likewise from the past decade, the origin of entertainment and enjoyment has also changed. Earlier people used to visit expensive lounges, bars, gambling parlors and take their toddlers to playgrounds and parks to have fun but today, they aren’t good enough as their chief objective is to make profits.
Trampoline parks have taken the place of these pubs and lounges and have become part of the industry with a bang! In spite of devoting hours and hours of ultimate fun, they also provide strong and fit body from the inside as well as from the outside. This is the reason behind the rapid development of the business. Kids can play and run and leap where they feel like, they are under complete freedom. For gaining good health and ultimate pleasure, bouncing parks include various activities for individuals of all age classes.
Here are some of them:
Dodge Ball – With a Twist!
Usually, this game is played on the flat ground, obviously, but here the floor is manufactured with trampolines that don’t allow you to settle but bounce over and over. While playing the game, instead of just going left and right or ducking by sitting down, you can even jump and, that too, higher to dunk the ball. Let your toddlers master various flips and leap that he/she has always thought of trying.
Foam Pit – What’s Interesting
Have you ever thought of falling from a good height by pulling flips and jumps and not getting hurt? You would be thinking we’re mad, but this is possible. Trampoline parks have made it possible by adding a separate section of foam boxes and chunks named as Foam Pit in which you and your kids can drop a million times and won’t even get a small scratch. Actually, the ground within this foam pit is covered with at least 10,000 foam cubes that always keep you above the floor.
Rope Swing – Locate a Tarzan Within You
Bouncing parks also provide an exciting activity for children that wants to encourage the Tarzan or Ninja within themselves – Rope Swing. If you have tried it earlier, you’ll have the ability to join that in the outside world, it isn’t safe to try but in trampoline parks, you and your children can climb and swing on ropes without worrying about landings as they will always be safe because of trampolines.
These are a few of the fun things to do in a trampoline park which are designed in such a way that every child and every person are able to enjoy and spend time with ultimate fun!
Donuts and Bagel Display
We all love eating cakes. But if you don’t have the opportunity to learn how to bake, you have another choice: you can buy one at a local shop or at an online store. Now, you might be thinking which choice is better for you. This report will help you make the right choice.
As far as convenience is concerned, buying online is a good idea. Needless to say, you can purchase a cake at your nearby store. Without any doubt, you can enjoy tons of benefits if you choose the second route. Let us take a look at a number of the benefits.
Multiple tastes
Fresh cakes for every purchase
Quick and secure ordering system
the choice of booking orders before an event or occasion
Cakes with unique flavors
the largest benefit of purchasing cakes on the internet is that you could purchase those designs and styles of cakes that can’t be found at a nearby bakery. Of course, you can purchase the basic varieties at any store. However, if you require something special or something original, you don’t have any choice but choose a special seller. And your very best bet is to opt for an online seller.
Aside from multiply varieties, you might also enjoy different types of cake filings and toppings. As a matter of fact, you will be amazed at the unique combo of flavors that you can choose from at an internet store.
For a special event or occasion, you can order your desired cake in the comfort of your home You can also send those cakes to your loved ones using the seller’s online delivery service.
If you would like to determine whether you should buy online or at a nearby bakery, then you might want to take into account the following points.
Your budget
the amount of cakes you need to purchase
Frequency of order
Quality of cake
Taking the above points into consideration is really important, especially if you are on a budget. If you are on a tight budget, buying at a local store is a better choice. In cases like this, buying online may be somewhat expensive. On the other hand, if you are a baker and you wish to order a good deal of cakes on a regular basis, then ordering online is a great idea. These cakes will be high quality and flexible.
An internet service will deliver top quality cakes. As a matter of fact, they will be much better than the ones you can buy at a regular bakery shop. Their cakes are properly designed and baked. The fillings and toppings are delicious. Often, the combo of flavors are much better than the basic cakes you can find in any market.
Long story short, we hope that this article will help you make the ideal choice when it comes to buying cakes for a particular event or occasion.
Soccer Stadium
Kids nowadays are least interested in studying and watching the news. All they care about is that their video games and mobile phones whereby they can chat and play games and do nothing more. It doesn’t hurt them as children, but it is not great for their future. When they reach adulthood, they lack the ability to read current affairs that result in generating a sleepy nation.
It generates pressure on you as a parent because it becomes your duty to develop their interest in watching and reading information. To help you with this endeavor, I have come up with some unique ideas discussed below.
Before moving forward, let me tell you outdoor play isn’t involved and only indoor activities can help you with this task. However, you can do the actions below in open such as under a shade structure if you like.
The effective games such as the World Peace Game challenge to meet political goals in order to keep peace on earth. This game makes them conscious of what’s happening in what country and how the issues will be solved.
Use the World Map
The world map hung on your lounge or room can do more than simply decorating. It can serve as a tool to better understand the world events. When you hear some information, ask your kids to highlight the regions mentioned in the clip. This will help them examine how far the country is from them in which a problem is going on and help them visualize it geographically.
Make Your Own Podcast
Listen to this entertaining news when doing chores at home with your kids. After that, create a podcast about the event you heard with your children. In doing so, children research more about the event they are covering and utilize their understanding. This helps them in developing journalism skills along with making them aware of the world.
Discuss the News
For instance, you can highlight the subject of”Irma” that hit Florida. Take your kids’ view on that and ask them what can be done to improve the situation.
As a result, some other important news will even catch their eyes. This makes them busy in learning what’s happening in the world.
Tell Stories
While speaking generally at home, it’s good to tell some historical stories occasionally. For example, I told the Princess Diana story to my kids a few days ago and they asked a lot of related questions. By doing this, I realized they got to know about the British monarchy, which, in turn, helped them in learning about the history, culture, art, and different aspects of British life back then.