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The substance inoculated with mycelium is called spawn. The white or cream colored long fibers provide the foundation for growing mushrooms. The substrate is the material on which the mycelium grows. For mushroom cultivation, it is essential to find the ideal substrate recipe. If you’re a newbie then pretty soon you will understand that growing mushrooms is somewhat different than developing different plants.

Different kinds

You may be wondering if you can do away with the substrate and start growing mushrooms directly from mycelia. If you utilize substrate in conjunction with spawn, you’ll find a better yield than compared to using substrate alone. Reputed mushroom spawn suppliers may supply you premium quality merchandise at economical rates. Various types like sawdust, grain, plug, woodchip and straw spawn can be found on the market.

• Sawdust types

They can be utilized for inoculation of logs, cardboard, pasteurized straw and outdoor beds. The existence of numerous inoculation points helps in easy mycelium colonization. Use the products of reliable mushroom spawn providers so that chances of contamination are lessened. They are however not too nutritious on their own, so you need to a food enrichers to improve the production yield.

The common grains used for this purpose are rye, millets, corn, and wheat. It’s acceptable for inoculation of indoor substrates and is much more nutritious than sawdust. It’s not an ideal choice for outdoor beds because grains have the capacity of attracting rodents and birds.

For that purpose, stems of live fungi or sawdust mycelia can be used. It works out well for timber or fiber-based substrates.

Now you might be confused further, and you’re having difficulty in deciding which spawn will be advantageous for your work. The plan is to match the spawn correctly to your substrate. The logic behind this strategy is that colonization time is reduced to a substantial extent because of the familiarization of the mycelium using the material. Before you embark on your journey of cultivation of these delicious fungi, you should decide the kinds of mushrooms you wish to grow. You should research well in advance concerning the kind of substrate you would want to use for your job. Do not think that these attempts in the initial stage are an unnecessary wastage of time. These organized efforts will help you out of having a lot of hassles in the long term.

Understand the fungal life cycle

Develop an understanding of the fungal life cycle by acquiring some mushroom growing kits in the market. These aren’t just easy to grow, but you will have ample instructions guiding you step by step. So if you are still hesitant and have a lot of unanswered questions in your head, then you need to opt for these readymade kits. Get these supplies from offline suppliers or online stores. Use the products of highly recommended providers because then you’ll be assured of the quality.

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